Arranging Furniture in Small Living Room Having Sliding Door

Arranging the furniture properly in small apartment living rooms can be a source of accenting glass doors and the room can be made convenient for guests and family alike. Having glass doors that slide on a patio or balcony can bring light into the room and it also provides you with an extra space for exiting or entering the room. Some of the decorators that may be well-versed with decorating with the 4 walls can find it a bit challenging, though. Here are some basic tips that will help you in accentuating the doors of the living rooms in dallas apartment rentals while making sure that it all remains comfortable at the same time.

First of all it is necessary for you to sturdy your room’s layout prior to starting with anything. The angle as well as relationship of room’s main entrance should be identified in relation to the glass doors. You would never like to arrange your furniture in a way that it’s direction is completely far from main entrance.

Main seating in your living area of small dallas apartments should be placed either sideways or facing the sliding doors. In case if main entrance lies on opposite wall of the sliders then main seating should be placed in a way that it faces either o the remaining two walls. In case if main entry point is on the wall that is adjacent to sliding doors then seating should face the sliders and its side should be towards main entrance.

Secondary seating should be positioned to face room’s main entrance. If sliders lie on opposite wall to main entrance, it means you should place seating right before the sliders. When you have such a situation at hand, go for small pieces like armchairs. The seating should be spaced according to size of space available.

Next thing to keep in mind while decorating small apartments living rooms is that entertainment equipment should be placed on remaining wall. Place a stereo, television or some other pieces of entertainment on wall that is left empty once you have placed all the furniture. This will allow you to make sure that all your entertainment equipment is placed in front of all your seating arrangement. However, it won’t make up the room’s focal point. A bookshelf can also be used for filling the space.

Make full use of light coming through the glass doors and put some art pieces as well as other decoration stuff on wall facing the doors.

All your remaining furniture as well as décor items should be arranged around your basic layout of the living space. Try to place different items in different areas to check which fits where.

If the direction of sliders is towards west or east, expect intense sunlight coming into the room during evening or mornings.

If the room is very small then secondary seating area can be expected to be quite limited. So, don’t overcrowd your room by opting for any large pieces.